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Rebecca Mauney

Certified Glo Pro | Cherryville, NC

Hi, I’m Rebecca! I live in my hometown of Cherryville, NC. I’m currently in school to become an Esthetician, but when I’m not at school I enjoy spending time with friends, family and my three dogs.

I learned about Glo-Body when a boutique in my town had a Glo-pro doing spray tans for prom season. I loved how it looked and the immediate gratification of being glowy and bronzed. I’m very pale and I don’t tan naturally either, and since going to school to become an esthetician.  I’ve learned about the importance of suncare and the complications that go along with tanning and not using proper sun protection.

So, Glo-Body was the obvious choice when I wanted to get certified to do spray tans within my business.

Phone: 704-418-2666