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Kristen Drab

Certified Glo Pro | Durham, NC

With a strong background in the health and fitness industry, mixed with years in the cosmetology field, I know all about the consistent quest to look, feel, and BE healthy inside and out. In doing so we must remember to take excellent care of our skin, our largest organ, each and every day. We all love the look and feel of a deep golden tan, there is no doubt, but not at the risk of cancer!

Skin cancer runs in my family and this past year I had a basal cell carcinoma removed from my leg. That surely made me even more cognizant of the choices and situations I put my skin and overall health and well being in. I was born in Pennsylvania and lived there for 33 years before relocating to North Carolina 4 years ago. My skin simply can’t tolerate the intense sun here; Globody spray tanning it is! I recieved my first Globody tan in June of 2017 for a Burn Athlete photoshoot.

My tan looked fabulous in person and photographed just as well!

I am excited to now be able to share this awesome product with clients in NC as well as PA when I am there visiting. I can’t wait to launch my Globody Spray Tanning business, helping women and men look and feel fabulous, year round, while choosing the healthy way to get their Glo on.

Phone: 814-969-2267