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Amber Roberts

Certified Glo Pro | Huntersville, NC

Hello Huntersville!
I’m Amber Roberts, born and raised in Huntersville, NC and I’m so proud to still call this home. I am a wife, entrepreneur and busy working mom of 3 amazing kids.  Over the years as I approach the “dreaded” 40’s, self confidence has been something that I personally have struggled with.  It’s taken many years to love the skin I’m in. But after getting my first Globody Spray tan, I walked out of the Spray Tan tent with an instance boost of confidence. Feeling this way has made me want nothing more than to share what I feel with a Globody Spray Tan with others and spread that confident glo. It’s more than a Spray Tan, it’s about empowering and inspiring people to be the best version of themselves both inside and out. And that mantra has also spread to my oldest daughter who is also Certified Glo Pro. I’m proud that my daughter shares the same goals as I do and I’m able to show her self-love and confidence needs to be practiced beyond her college years. Strong women raise strong women.

I couldn’t be more excited to continue this mission of self-love and confidence for all, no matter what age or shape. So let’s get GLO’ING!

Phone: 704-579-9371


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