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    Rose glo – Gradual Face Mist


    RoseGlo – gradual face mist 



  • pureglo-self-tanning-mousse-and-mitt

    Pureglo Self Tanning Mousse


    Pure Glo Mousse (7 oz) This foaming mousse comes with its own applicator pad and gives you an instant pop of bronze color when you need it. PureGlo Mousse is lightweight and quick drying, so you can easily enjoy a streak free, natural looking tan on the go.

  • glo-on-the-go-travel-set

    Glo on the Go (Travel Set)

    • PureGlo Mousse (60 ml w/mini mitt)
    • AfterGlo Gradual Glo Shower Gel (60 ml)
    • AfterGlo h2glo Moisturizing Foam (60 ml)
    • Clear Travel Bag w/GloBody Logo
  • pureglo-self-tanner-mist-8oz

    Pure Glo Body Mist


    Pure Glo Body Mist IS BACK!

    Better known as “Tan in a Can”, this product is perfect to apply a quick touch up in between tanning sessions. PureGlo Body Mist is a valuable addition for any summer vacation or beach bag, providing a fast and easy spritz to brighten the face, feet, and hands, leaving your tan looking fresh while you’re gone. In addition, PureGlo Body Mist can be applied over the entire body to enhance abs, blend cellulite and stretch marks, and correct any natural fading. Not only will you keep your glo glo-ing, but your self confidence will soar as well.