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our story

it began as just a dream… HERE’S OUR STORY

It all started as a thought; an idea. GloBody, Inc. was created by two women sitting in Starbucks one late afternoon in Huntersville, North Carolina. Talks about life, passion and the pursuit of happiness mixed with lattes and thoughts of what if’s. Spray Tanning. Sounds simple right? Stacey and Amanda’s vision is more than just GloBody: the Spray Tanning Biz. They wanted to create a spray tanning company that was safe, natural, healthy and fun.  An experience like no other and a feeling that evokes confidence and beauty. They knew they couldn’t keep this secret to themselves. The first movement of GloBody started with a mission statement, to inspire, empower, and educate men and women to become the best version of themselves inside and out. They both agreed that every decision they made that day moving forward would first begin with this statement, does this apply to our mission? If yes, no question they moved forward. Fast forward 3 years and you will find that GloBody has done just that. Women and men all over have discovered the passion that is GloBody. With impeccable service, top of the line products and great entrepreneurial opportunity, GloBody has made dreams possible, made people feel good about themselves all with a spray tan machine and a dream.

As GloBody grows, so does that passion and dedication of its core people. Stacey and Amanda built a genius group of master minds that individually bring something incredible to the GloBody Model. The Gurus, The Glo Team and the Glo Clients have helped spread this message to the world and it will only grow bigger.

The dream that one day Stacey and Amanda would get to share their passion, belief and message with the world is no longer a dream but a reality. This reality will never cease and will keep growing bigger and better.

Whether you’re looking for your next business opportunity or flawless spray tan application, GloBody is here to help you GROW and GLO!! Be the best version of yourself and GLO from the outside out!