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Our innovative products are botanically based, developed using the latest technology and finest ingredients.

Self Tanners

Mist Self Tanner

Pure Glo Body Mist

Better known as “Tan in a Can”, this product is perfect to apply a quick touch up in between tanning sessions. PureGlo Body Mist is a valuable addition for any summer vacation or beach bag, providing a fast and easy spritz to brighten the face, feet, and hands, leaving your tan looking fresh while you’re gone. In addition, PureGlo Body Mist can be applied over the entire body to enhance abs, blend cellulite and stretch marks, and correct any natural fading. Not only will you keep your glo glo-ing, but your self confidence will soar as well.

Price: $39.00

Mousse Self Tanner

Pure Glo Mousse

This foaming mousse comes with its own applicator pad and gives you an instant pop of bronze color when you need it. PureGlo Mousse is lightweight and quick drying, so you can easily enjoy a streak free, natural looking tan on the go.

Price: $42.00

Skin Care/Specialty Products


Globody Polish / Body Scrub

Use in pre-tan prep shower to remove dead skin cells, and help smooth, exfoliate, and polish the skin surface. Rinse and dry skin after use, before applying self-tanning product of choice.

Your skin will feel incredibly soft, smooth and radiant

Price: $24.95

Screen Shot 2020-09-23 at 11.59.50 AM

RoseGlo – Gradual Face Mist

Put your best face forward with this unique, hydrating mist.  Specifically designed to protect your face from fading, this product is a perfect primer to assure that your delicate skin is treated with a gentle combination of anti-aging nutrients that revive an existing spray tan, giving it a Glo’ing appearance days after application.  With a rose water base, and just a hint of tint, this magic mist utilizes its natural anti-inflammatory benefits to soothe and restore the pH balance of your face. RoseGlo penetrates the skin just enough to refresh, blend, and correct your tan’s natural fade while also boosting your skin’s natural regeneration process by targeting dark spots and trouble areas. This superlight blend of vitamins and minerals moisturizes, hydrates, and stimulates your natural Glo

Price: $22.00

Gradual Glo Shower Gel

GradualGlo Shower Gel

NEWLY FORMULATED GradualGlo Shower Gel with DHA (16oz)

Price: $34.95

Screen Shot 2020-09-23 at 11.50.27 AM

Globody’s Purify Hand Sanitizer (3.4oz)

Ingredients: Alcohol (70%) - Water (Aqua, Eau) - Glycerin, Carbomer - Propylene Glycol - Squalane, Fragrance - (Parfum), Aloe Barbadensis - Leaf Juice, Tocopheryl - Acetate

Price: $9.00

Screen Shot 2020-09-23 at 11.49.29 AM

Globody’s Purify Hand Sanitizer (32oz)

Ingredients: Alcohol (70%) - Water (Aqua, Eau) - Glycerin, Carbomer - Propylene Glycol - Squalane, Fragrance - (Parfum), Aloe Barbadensis - Leaf Juice, Tocopheryl - Acetate

Price: $24.00

Post Tanning Care

Coco Glo

Coco Glo Tan Extender Foam

Cocoglo is coconut infused tan extender and hydrating foam all in one!

This weightless foam gradually builds a golden sun kissed glo while hydrating, nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

Cocoglo has just the right amount of DHA to extend your sunless tan without drying out your skin or causing fade issues.

Price: $29.00

Screen Shot 2020-09-23 at 11.36.14 AM

Goodbye Glo – Tan Eraser

Spray tans come and spray tans GLO, but funky fades have got to go.  This gently exfoliating foam pulls double duty as it strips the remnants of your old tan and primes the skin for your next tan. Specifically designed to cleanse and soothe your skin, Goodbye Glo works in perfect harmony with PureGlo tanning solutions ensuring your Glo goes on flawlessly…every single time.

Vitamin E and Jojoba oil combine to form an anti-oxidant powerhouse to smooth, soothe, and tone your skin, working as a barrier booster to seal in moisture while also removing unwanted buildup on the skin’s delicate surface.  Using a potent blend of vitamins, minerals, and botanical extracts, Goodbye Glo is the perfect way to erase the impurities of the past, and prepare your body for the future.

Price: $27.00


Glo on the Go (Deluxe Travel Set)


  • PureGlo Mousse (60 ml w/mini mitt)
  • AfterGlo Gradual Glo Shower Gel (60 ml)
  • AfterGlo Coco Glo Tan Extender Foam (60 ml)
  • AfterGlo h2glo Moisturizing Foam (60 ml)
  • Clear Travel Bag w/GloBody Logo

Price: $44.00

Daily Moisturizer


H2GLO Hydrating Foam

Hydrate your skin with H2GLO to keep your skin moisturized and feeling fresh.

Price: $25.00



Large Body Mitt

Perfect to use with our GloBody Mousse.

Price: $5.99


Personal Machine

GloMini- Spray Tanning Machine

This on the go mini machine is perfect for traveling!

This machine is meant for personal use, not professional use. The Glo Mini comes with a travel size primer and solution.

Price: $99.00

Medium Machine

Quick Start Spray Tanning Machine

This machine is a perfect back up and / or perfect carry-on machine when traveling.

Price: $299.00


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