Frequently Asked Questions


• shower

• exfoliate

• shave

• no make-up

• no deodorant

• no lotion

• wear loose fitting, dark colored clothing and/or robe (no silk)

• you may wear a dark colored swim suit, under garment, our disposable thongs, or some female clients prefer to go nude.

• if it is raining, bring an umbrella to your appointment

When showering use a moisturizing body wash product, to help keep skin moist.

You may notice some tint or color wash-off in the shower. This is fine and normal. This is the excess solution left on the skin surface, and the tinted color guide. The sunless tan is still absorbed into skin, and will still show color.

Most people find regular moisturizing will prolong the wear of their sunless tan. But some clients find that they need very little moisturizing for best results. Moisturizing is generally recommended.

If using a DHA tan extender moisturizing product, this can also be used for after shower moisturizing.

Continue to moisturize a few days a week, or once or twice every day with our PureGlo Moisturizer. This schedule should be adjusted, based on your lifestyle, activities, and your skin’s response. If using PureGlo Tinted Moisturizer, start on the 3rd day and use every other day.

The sunless tan will fade over the next week. In about 2 – 3 days, the hands, feet and face will become noticeably faded. If using a DHA-containing tan maintainer, this will help minimize fading. When you are ready for the tan to come off use our PureGlo Body Polish Exfoliator to remove tan and prep skin for another application.

Shade Options

Express Glo

Winter Glo

Natural Glo

Celebrity Glo

Brazilian Glo 


All of our solutions are neutral brown.

Each blend comes in a different product depth (DHA percentage) to better match your clients individual skin depth needs (light, medium or dark). The different ingredients within each blend will influence the final tan color of that blend, and how it reacts with your skin.

The airbrush tanning solution is a sheer colorant product. The final coloration and tone is a combination of the specific solution ingredients, solution DHA depth, your clients individual skin tone, and the way their skin individually reacts to each ingredient within that blend.

It would be impossible to know which blend will produce the “best” results for you individually, because each of our blends will react uniquely to your skins unique chemistry.

If you are unsure which blend to purchase we recommend you order our Skin Type Promo Package in medium. This allows you to try each of our four blends in medium level. The medium level works best with the largest range of Caucasian skin types to provide the best mix of medium brown color and smooth even fading.

Ordering to dark a solution will not create a browner color. It can create undesirable results